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Federal Telemedicine News

Covering telemedicine, telehealth, and health IT

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Federal report

260 pages


Federal Agencies Report (2012 edition):

Billions of dollars in stimulus funding through the Recovery Act, plus new legislative reform, has created enormous funding opportunities.

Indeed, the Federal government has established new programs and has increased funding of many existing programs encompassing research, activities and grants in the telemedicine, telehealth and health technology sectors.

What programs are now being funded? Which major agencies are involved? Find out by reading this 260-page report covering 24 cabinet-level and independent agencies.

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University/State report

45 pages

How to Sell to HHS (2011 edition):

Uncover new grant and contracting opportunities within this $500+ billion agency -- plus learn techniques you can use throughout other federal agencies.

Packed with dozens of links to helpful web sites, this 40-page report will show you how to navigate the federal marketplace, best ways to develop agency contacts, and strategies for writing a winning proposal. Included FREE with our federal activities report.

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