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Federal Telemedicine News

Covering telemedicine, telehealth, and health IT

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Helpful Links:

The following links are of use to anyone interested researching the Federal government or the telemedicine industy:

The Association of Telehealth Service Providers (ATSP) is an international membership-based organization dedicated to improving health care through growth of the telehealth industry.

ATSP Telemedicine Reports: Publications for professionals and the public on telehealth. Telemedicine activity reports from surveys identify and analyze programs in the United States and include information on location, clinical services offered, and types of equipment used.

Telemedicine Information Exchange: Online bibliographic, program, vendor, and meeting databases published and updated twice monthly by ASTP.

American Telemedicine Association: A professional membership organization that promotes telemedicine in the health care field.

Texas Tech University: Involved in using telemedicine in clinics, and in research projects. The network works with counties, communities, health departments, and hospitals to bring telemedicine to delivery areas.

TelehealthNet: A leading provider of Telehealth and eHealth information to organizations, associations, professionals, vendors and those they serve.

The Center for Telehealth & E-Health Law: Gathers and analyzes information related to the legal and regulatory aspects of telemedicine. Publications and issue briefs available along with conferences presented on a timely basis.

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